Comic-Con 2007

The masses gather before the doors open on Preview Night!

Wow, Catwoman (or is that Batgirl?)- Looking hot!

What is Frankenberry doing at the Comic-Con? Love the nail polish.

The unveiling of the new Marvel stamps. It was so official, they even flew in a special postal worker who sang a beautiful National Anthem.

Darth Vader as Carmen Miranda

Me and R2-KT. KT because it's a girl. You can tell because she's pink.

This dude was just walking down the street.

Note how I am not the only one grabbing this bird's butt. It was so soft!

Me and Joss Whedon! Me and Joss Whedon! I am trying not to cry. I am in shock.

Matt wanted a picture with this guy.

Two guys dressed up perfectly like the guys from Hot Fuzz!

It's Nick Frost (doesn't he look thrilled in his pink shirt?) and Edgar Wright from Hot Fuzz! And me!

These idiotic giant bags were everywhere. By the end of the four day show, we saw two people wearing them as clothes.

That's Nic Cage and his dark son, Weston, talking about their new comic book. Matt took a picture of the screen, since we were too far away to get a good shot.

This is actually a picture of a picture of a baby panda at the San Diego zoo. I cannot handle its cuteness!!!

Please do not reproduce any of these pictures without my permission. That would be creepy.

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