Friday, February 12, 2010

Jube Jels Where are You???

First off, I must apologize for not posting the Proust Questionnaire yesterday on Cynthia Omololu. Being out of the groove with that for a month made me forget. So I'll just wait to post it until next Thursday. Speaking of next Thursday, if I forget to post the Questionnaire (oy, Julie! You're already thinking you'll forget??), the reason is that I will be speaking that morning at a high school to about 500 students about writing. Dang. I have nothing prepared as of yet. I am much better at speaking to middle schoolers. Or at least, I think I am. I have never actually spoken to a theater filled with high school students. What the frig am I going to say? I have 45 minutes! I'll let you know how it goes.

On to what's truly important: jube jels. Why has Brach's tortured me by not producing enough of their delicious Jube Jel Hearts? I found a bag at Target about a month ago, ate too much of it, threw it out so I wouldn't keep eating, and then, when I went back the next weekend to buy another bag (because that's how I do) they were gone. And they've been gone ever since. From EVERYWHERE. Seriously. If you can find me a bag of Jube Jel Hearts, I will send you a copy of one of my books. Really. So, go forth and find me some Jube Jels! My success next Thursday depends on it (um, not really, but I sure am jonezing for them. Damn you, Brach's!).


Blogger molly. said...

Julie you are going to be wonderful. I am a high school student and if your talks are anything like your books and/or blog posts then you will most certainly be wonderful. And good luck finding your Jube Jels! (:

7:48 PM  
Blogger Julie H said...

Hey Molly! That's so sweet of you! I still feel totally freaked out and unprepared. If I would only just sit down and figure it out, I wouldn't be so nervous. I'd rather watch iCarly. though. :)

5:26 PM  

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