Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Future is Now

I have no idea what the subject of this post means. I was going to call it "1 in 4 women can misread a traditional pregnancy test," because that commercial was just on, but that doesn't make any sense, either. And who are these moronic women?

The big news is that this summer (or sooner?) I start work on a sort of sequel to my first novel, GET WELL SOON. I never thought I'd do a sequel to anything, but when I was brainstorming (which really just means sitting there one day and then having a thought pop into my brain) my idea for my next novel, I kept coming back to the question that a lot of teens ask me: how did I get through it? Referring to my depression. And then I thought, what a great idea for a novel: How do you feel normal when you just got out of a mental hospital? And then I looked back at my own post-crazy experience, and though, well, that's not very interesting, but if I turn it into a work of fiction, hey, it actually could be interesting! Hence, the sequel. Which I will begin work on when I finish my revisions on my third novel, DON'T STOP NOW, which I will receive from my editor next week. Those revisions shouldn't be too hard, except that my editor wants me to go further into this part of the book that is kind of dark and not fun. But the rest of it was so fun to write! That must be why I neglected the not so fun parts.

Lastly, I have a beef with the Girl Scouts (I've actually always had a beef with them, but this new one has to do with the cookies): why do you keep changing your cookie recipes? The lemon sandwich cookies are totally different-- too small, and too hard of a cookie, plus too little of the lemon creme center. What gives? And then the peanut butter chocolate things, sometimes called Tagalongs, are obviously skimped. They're super-thin, and the layer of peanut butter is almost non-existent. Don't blame this on the economy, either! If that's the case, than my own personal economy will be better spent elsewhere in the future. Take that, Troops! You may have just lost the sale of three whole boxes of cookies! Hmmm. That gets me thinking: will Romy want to be a Girl Scout?


Anonymous A friend said...

Make that the loss of 7 boxes of cookies. I too found it a bit too much this year when I realized the quality of the cookies has gone down so no purchase for me.
But I do miss the shortbreads, but hey, who needs the extra calories!

Maybe we can start a movement. How many more folks didn't buy the traditional box of cookies this year.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Julie H said...

I had a Samoa, too. It seemed very tiny! The Thin Mints were good this year, I have to say.

1:16 PM  

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