Friday, November 06, 2009

My Interview with Rupert

Well, it's not an interview with Rupert, but it is an interview with me on a Rupert Grint fansite! I am both excited and a little, what's the word? Not embarrassed, but more like, exposed, I think. As much as I have shared my obsessions with my blog and book readers, this feels so much more out there than I have been since high school as a fan of anything. Maybe not. Maybe people who know me well are like, Julie, you've always been a fangirl of some capacity. We are not the least surprised that you have a poster and Peeps of Rupert Grint in your library (the Peeps were for a contest! All the kids made dioramas of books! It wasn't just me sitting around making Weasley Peeps! I swear!). Anyway, here is the link. One of the commenters called me weird. To what story is she referring? Anyway, I am going to put a cap on the Rupert blog posts for a bit. At least, until he calls me to thank him for the plug. {Fantasy sequence begins: "Your ticket to Hogwarts awaits!" End fantasy sequence.}


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